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Guinot is a French skincare range, world famous for the unique Hydradermie facial. Its superior skincare range uses natural ingredients combined with state of the art technology.

Guinot Hyderderm Cellular Energy – The true Alternative to Aesthetic Medicine

Hyderderm Cellular Energy – 60mins – £66.50

The advanced complexion rejuvenating treatment. Using dynamic ionisation and thermal energy this patented technology boosts the skins cellular energy to increase cell renewal, deep cleanse and oxygenate resulting in a more youthful and radiant skin.  The Hyderdem is tailored to your skin type to achieve exceptional and visible results.

Course of 3 – £179.50   Course of 6 – £339.00   Course of 9 – £478.00


Hydraderm Celluar Energy Age Logic – 1 hour 15  mins – £79.50

The Anti-ageing Complexion Rejuvenating Treatment

Clinically proven to improve wrinkle depth by up to 49.5%.  This specially designed anti-ageing HCE facial focuses on the eyes, face and neck to target the signs of ageing.  This luxurious facial also includes a mini back massage.

Course of 3 – £215.00   Course of 6 – £405.00   Course of 9 – £572.00


Hyderderm Cellular Energy Lift – 60mins – £67.50

The Advanced Complexion Lifting Treatment

The effective lifting treatment detoxes and stimulates the facial muscles using a low frequency current which causes a toning action, stimulating  the muscle fibres in the skin giving you a smoother, firmer and more youthful appearance. For maximum results a course is recommended.

Courses of 3 – £182.50   Course of 6 – £344.35   Course of 9 – £486.00


Hyderderm Cellular Energy Lift Express – 30mins – £49.50

The Express Lifting Treatment

An express version of the Hydraderm Cellular Energy Lift for those in a hurry or needing a quick boost.  For maximum results a course of recommended.

Course of 3 – £133.50   Course of 6 – £252.50   Course of 9 – £356.00


Hyderderm Cellular Energy Lift Deluxe – 1 hour 30mins – £120.00

The Ultimate Advanced Lifting and Rejuvenating Treatment

A combination of the HCE Age Logic and HCE Express Lift if the ultimate anti-ageing facial and will leave your skin looking fresh, firm and youthful.  This is the perfect monthly maintenance facial.

Course of 3 – £342.00   Course of 6 – £612.00   Course of 9 – £864.00


Eye Logic – 40mins – £49.00

 Instant Eye Repair Treatment

This unique treatment targets signs of ageing and tiredness around the delicate eye area, including fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

Course of 3 – £132.50   Course of 6 – £250.00   Course of 9 – £353.00


Youth Time – Course of 3 – £158.50

3 Steps to more youthful skin!

Youth time trio includes HCE Facial, Age Summum Facial and HCE Lift Express. Combing our best anti-ageing facials it is designed to be taken as a course over 3 weeks to give maximum results and fully restore that youthful appearance.


Hydradermie 2 – 60mins – £56.50
The Star Treatment

Hydradermie 2 is an exclusive Guinot treatment that will make your skin youthful and radiant, from the very first treatment.  Your skin will look luminous with a subtle glow.

Course of 3 – £152.55   Course of 6 – £288.15   Course of 9 £406.50


Longie Vie Soliel Hydradermie – 60mins – Course of 2 – £121.50

Ideal before and after a holiday

Guinot Longie Vie Soleil gel is designed to prepare and repair your skin pre and post sun exposure. This unique treatment helps to prolong your tan, rehydrate and fight signs of ageing.


Aromatic Facial – 50mins – £47.50
A relaxing facial using aromatherapy oils and plant extracts.
This facial is customised by carefully selecting the appropriate plant concentrates to blend with a peel off mask. Suitable for all skin types.

Course of 3 – £135.00   Course of 6 – £256.50   Course of 9 – £362.50


Liftosome Facial – 50mins – £52.50
A facial to firm and energise your skin due to high levels of vitamin C. Ideal before a special occasion.
A course of 3 is recommened over 3 weeks – £140.00


Beaute Neuve Facial – 50mins – £52.50
An Instant Radiance Reviver!
Beaute Neuve is a gentle double-peeling facial that uses the powerful natural exfoliating properties of AHA’s, combined with pure vitamin C and anti-ageing ingredients to boost radiance, reduce pigmentation and re-hydrate the skin. For best results we recommend a course of three treatments, taken over consecutive weeks.
Course of 3 – £140.00


Age Summum – 50mins – £69.50GUI-Age-Summum

The pinnacle of anti-ageing treatments. Age Summum is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery for treating signs of ageing.  Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away, skin texture is refined and has a youthful radiant glow.

For best results we recommend a course of 3  taken over a 3 week period – £187.50






Hydra Clean – 25mins – £25.75

Hydraclean uses the patented Thermoclean electrode. Your skin will feel hydrated, deep cleansed and radiant after a 30 minute treatment.  Perfect for a quick boost for your skin and when time is of the essense.