We use St. Tropez for the ultimate spray tan experience.

With truly outstanding formulations, St. Tropez is the iconic tanning brand of our age, giving reliable, beautiful and lasting results every time. There are 3 depths of tan to suit all tan desires – sunkissed classic tan, deep dark tan or an express tan – perfect for those on the go!

And for those of you who want to escape to a bit of sunshine we have our old favourite – sunbed. As well as giving you a tan it is particularly useful to prepare your skin before a holiday to help prevent prickly heat.

Book your ultimate tanning experience & get that sunkissed look!

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The Sun Studio – High Intensity Sunbed

Stricly Over 18 yrs

 I.D will be required

5 mins – £11.00
10mins – £13.00
15mins – £16.00
Course of six 10 minute sessions – £65
Course of six 15 minute sessions – £80.00

St. Tropez Ultimate Spray Tan

St. Tropez is world famous for it’s natural, glowing tan. A spray tan can last 5-7 days and longer if you maintain your tan with recommended St. Tropez products.

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A patch test is required prior to a tan.

Full Body Spray Tan – £30.50
Half Body Spray Tan (Half body or legs only) – £24.50
Full Body Exfoliation followed by Spray Tan – £49.50

What Tan shall I choose?

  • Classic Tan will give you a golden medium tan and takes up to 8 hours to develop. This is a good option if you are a spray tan virgin!
  • Express Tan is great if you haven’t got 8 hours to wait.  This tan can be washed off 1 hour for a sunkissed light tan, 2 hours for a medium classic tan, 3 hours for a deeper darker tan.

How does the Spray Tan make me brown?

Spray tans contain DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and when applied to your skin it reacts to the amino acids on your skin causing a natural reaction turning you brown. Only your dead skin cells turn brown therefore after 5 to 7 days your tan slowly fades. The levels of amino acids on our skin can vary for many reasons and so can the colour of our tan. St. Tropez extracts DHA from the sugar cane plant so your tan will look golden and natural.