Before and after an IPL treatment it is very important to follow our treatment advice.

We recommend you should do the following for 30 days before and after the Ellipse treatment:

  • Avoid sun exposure or sunbeds.
  • Wear at least a SPF 30 when outside.
  • Do not use self tan products on the area before the treatment.

You should avoid the following for the next 24-48 hours after the treatment.

  • No perfumed products or make-up on the area treated.
  • No excessive heat (e.g saunas, steam or hot baths)
  • No swimming or excessive exercise.
  • No touching, picking or scratching the area.

The only method of hair removal suitable in-between treatments is shaving. Other method will jeopardise the success of your IPL treatments.


  • Wax, tweeze, thread or pull hairs
  • Do not use bleaching cream
  • Do not use depilatory cream

After 3 days we recommend you gently exfoliate the area to encourage the dead hairs to come out.